2021 NACHC Championships (Finals Summary)

by USA Team Handball

(Puerto Rico: 2021 NACHC Champions) (Photo: Richard Immel)

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Mexico takes bronze and Puerto Rico takes gold and qualifies for the IHF World Championships.  

Mexico - USA 28-14 (13-5)

Mexico dominated the bronze medal from start to finish as an error prone U.S. offense committed too many turnovers and struggled to score.  Mexico started the match with an 8-0 run that was ended at the 16 minute mark with a goal by Julia Taylor.  At that point, the U.S. settled down and match Mexico in scoring the rest of the way for the eventual 13-5 halftime score.

The second half was more even then the first half, but the U.S. was never able to mount a significant comeback. Mexico's lead was 8-11 goals most of the way until Mexico scored 3 unanswered goals in the last 3 minutes for a final score of 28-14.  

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On Demand Video:1st Half 2nd Half

Match Scoring

  • Mexico (28) 
    • Gemma Leal (6)
    • Cinthia Gallegos (5)
    • Fernanda Rivera (5)
    • Itzel Vargas (4)
    • Jaqueline Lopez (4)
    • Debanhy Arriaga (2)
    • Lucero Quezada (2)
  • USA (14)
    • Julia Taylor (4)
    • Binta Carvalho (2)
    • Cecilie Brown (2)
    • Sif Christensen (1)
    • Saga Nordin (1)
    • Maria Vallone (1)
    • Sarah Gascon (1)
    • Moa Bengtsson (1)
    • Emma Ready (1)

Greenland - Puerto Rico 24-34 (10-18)

With Greenland having won the previous nights pool play contest 26-23 most observers expected a hard fought contest that would go down to the wire.  Puerto Rico, however, had other plans and took an early 5-1 lead sparked by pressure defense and fast break scoring.  Greenland, as they had throughout the tournament, did not start their top scorer, left back, Lykke Hansen, but brought her into the match a bit sooner than normal at the 9 minute mark.  However, neither their star player or a timeout could stem the tide and Puerto Rico further extended their to 11-3.  Greenland then mounted a bit of a comeback trimming the lead to 5 goals with 6 and a half minutes remaining in the half only to see the margin extended back up to 8 with Puerto Rico scoring 3 goals in rapid succession in the last two minutes to lead 18-10 at the break.

The second half was also dominated by Puerto Rico.  In the first ten minutes they outscored Greenland 8-1 to open up a 15 goal lead (26-11) and essentially put the game out of reach.  The two teams mostly traded goals the rest of the way except for a late push from Greenland in the closing minutes to narrow the final margin to 34-24

Overall, several things factored to the lopsided outcome.  Greenland, due to injury, was without their top GK, Rina Lorentzen, and this resulted in a lower save rate.  Puerto Rico's marked Greenland's Hansen, effectively removing her from the offensive attack and Greenland was unable to capitalize on the more space the resulting 5v5 provided.  Finally, Puerto Rico's fast breaks and 1v1 attacks seemed even more aggressive than their 3 previous matches and they were rewarded with their highest scoring output of the tournament.

On Demand Video: 1st Half 2nd Half

Photo Gallery: Link

Match Scoring

  • Greenland (24)
    • Ivaana Holm (7)
    • Andrea Heilmann (4)
    • Josephine Gadgaard (4)
    • Lykke Hansen (3)
    • Nuunu Lukassen (2)
    • Aviana Kajangmat (1)
    • Anja Heilmann (1)
    • Kathrine Mikkelsen (1)
    • Sandra Rothberg (1)
  • Puerto Rico (34)
    • Nathalys Ceballo (10)
    • Sheila Hiraldo (5)
    • Erika Graciani (5)
    • Ciris Garcia (5)
    • Jaline Maldonado (4)
    • Zuleika Fuentes (2)
    • Robeliz Ortiz (2)
    • Joanne Vergara (1)
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