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    General Liability and Participant Accident Medical insurance are provided as a free benefit to USATH registered clubs and their registered members for claims arising from sanctioned or approved events and activities. 

      For an event, competition, practice or other club-sponsored activity to be eligible for sanctioning, it is required that all individuals participating in the activities (athletes, coaches and referees) have current memberships with USATH.

    • General Liability insurance provides legal liability coverage with respect to claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury, property damage or personal & advertising injury caused by the negligent acts or omissions of the clubs themselves or by individual members, including registered athletes, coaches, officials, trainers and volunteers acting in their capacity as such. A summary of General Liability coverages may be found here. 
    • Individuals with current USATH membership will also receive Participant Accident Medical coverage for injuries resulting directly from participation in registered club or sanctioned event activitiesThe Participant Accident Medical coverages apply over and above any other medical coverages carried by the member participant and are subject to a deductible.A summary of Participant Accident Medical coverages may be found here.

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