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USA Team Handball Partners With etrainu, Launches eLearning Platform

by USA Team Handball

(Colorado Springs, December 8, 2023) - USA Team Handball has announced a partnership with etrainu to provide eLearning opportunities for its members. These educational courses will support USA Team Handball's efforts to promote and grow the sport of team handball in America.

As the educational platform is seamlessly integrated within the Sport80 membership platform currently used by USA Team Handball, members seeking out these educational options will be able to utilize a Single Sign On (SSO) to access them. USA Team Handball members will have immediate access to this platform.

Etrainu's eLearning program will allow members to receive certifications in various aspects of the sport, including both the indoor and beach disciplines, and have those certificates housed on their Sport80 profile for easy access.

The ability to standardize the educational process as well as make the program accessible and easy-to-use were key factors in USA Team Handball's choice to enlist etrainu in this project.

"Our new platform is poised to be a game-changer, bringing the excitement of handball education to a growing community."
Martin Branick, USA Team Handball CEO

USA Team Handball plans on adding an array of educational courses onto the eLearning platform in the future, with the first courses available concentrated on the beach discipline of the sport. Level 1 Beach Referee and Beach Handball-Timekeeper and Scoreekeeper will be the initial curriculum on the site.

Matthew Huang

Michelle Mensing, an athlete, coach, and referee within the USA Team Handball community, was integral in the creation of these initial courses and developed the programming aimed at providing opportunities members to advance their knowledge of the sport of beach handball, as well as develop professionally.

‍"In the past years we have seen beach handball grow from its pocket in California to being present at across both coasts and the midwest," Mensing said. "We have outgrown the days where a single referee could just show up to all competitions and that’s great!"

"I am confident that this online course will help us unlock the next level of beach handball competitions in the US. We finally have the tribal knowledge of what it means to be a beach referee - that isn’t covered in the official rule book - written down and easy to access."

USA Team Handball CEO Martin Branick sees this partnership as another opportunity to enhance the growth of the sport in the US.

"We're delighted to announce our partnership with etrainu, unveiling a powerful learning platform. I want to thank Michelle Mensing for her dedicated efforts in creating the beach handball referee content. In a landscape where beach handball is rapidly gaining traction, our new platform is poised to be a game-changer, bringing the excitement of handball education to a growing community."