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Samala Super Cup Debuts in Denver This Weekend

by Moa Svendsen

Samala Super Cup (Photo by USA Team Handball)


During the weekend of December 3rd-4th, the Denver Wolves are hosting their first tournament. The Samala Super Cup, (sponsored by Samala LLC) will be played in Denver, CO. Eight Men's teams and five women's teams are committed to play during the two-day tournament. It will be a hectic weekend, with the first game on Saturday at 8 am between Denver and Massif. The final match will be at 11:45 am on Sunday.


Moshe Mukori, club leader for the host Denver Wolves says, “We are elated to be bringing this beautiful game to a very sport friendly community. It is a dream come true for many reasons. Samala Super Cup will be a high quality tournament in the heart of the city and arguably the best tournament in the country to date. This is just the first of many to come. Hopefully other teams do the same for their respective cities. Lastly, I would like to thank Samala LLC for their generosity and the local businesses for their support. This is definitely a great way to end the year.


The following team's are traveling to Denver:

Denver Wolves (Women's and Men's teams)

CalHeat (Women's and Men's teams)

LA (Men's Team)

Air Force (Men's Team)

NYAC (Men's team)

Massif SLC (Men's Team)

Inter Miami (Men's Team)

California Eagles (Women's and Men's teams)

Chicago Inter (Women's Team)

Ohio (Women's team)


Follow the link for more information about the tournament and the Samala Super Cup Schedule.

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