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Hendrik Schultze

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Gymnasium am Ölberg, Germany University of Cologne, Germany

Son of Joachim and Brita...Brother of Karen, who is also playing for USA Team Handball…Born in Boston and moved to Germany (Cologne) when he was five…Got introduced to handball at 12 years old by his neighbor when he moved to Bonn in 2008…Started out as a left wing player and became more of a super-utility player starting at all six field positions during his first two years of playing handball…Split time as a field player and goalie for another two years until finally becoming a full-time goalie when he was 16 years old…Currently a student at the University of Cologne and earning his Master’s degree in Marketing…Hobbies include other sports such as basketball and baseball and reading books…Is a huge Red Sox and Celtics fan.

  • 2019 KamaGames Tri-Nations Tournament – 1st (Gormanston, Ireland)
  • 2019 Men’s North American and Caribbean Emerging Nations Championship - 2nd (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
  • 2019 European University Championships - 2nd (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
  • 2017 HVM Champion – Fifth Division, Germany
  • 2016 Dronninglund Cup – 1st (Dronninglund, Denmark)
  • 2011 Nidda Fraportcup – 2nd (Frankfurt, Germany)
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