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Alexandre Chan Blanco

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IES Sánchez Cantón Universidad de Vigo

Started playing tennis, basketball and handball at a young age...Soon dedicated himself to handball...He was part of the Galician Selection in several occasions at the age of 13, 15 and 17, winning the silver medal in the Spanish Championship in 2009...Graduated in Industrial Engineering in Universidad de Vigo, spent an internship in Paris for a few months working in a laboratory...Hobbies include cycling, gastronomy and spending time with friends and family at the beach during summer holidays...Also likes to be immersed in nature – every summer, plants an ecological garden to stock up on natural products.

  • 2020: 1st player to score the first goal in the history of Club Balonmano Cisne for Liga Asobal
  • 2019: División de Honor Plata Champion with Club Balonmano Cisne. Promotion to the highest division of Spanish Handball (Liga Asobal)
  • 2015: Selected to represent Galician Team Handball at the senior level
  • 2015: Play-off for promotion to División de Honor Plata Champion (Club Cisne Balonmano)
  • 2015: Primera Nacional Champion (Club Cisne Balonmano)
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