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Adam El-zoghby

2007 Junior World Championship, Macedonia (Team Egypt) 2005 Junior World Championship, Hungary (Team Egypt) 2005 Youth World Championship, Qatar (Team Egypt)

Athlete Bio




Apr 12, 1986




Portsaid School Mass Comm. Cairo University

Was introduced to handball by his mother, a former professional handball and volleyball player...Was the captain of the Egyptian Junior & Youth National Team from 2001 to 2007...Represented the Egyptian Senior National Team for three years before quitting the team before the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games...Been married for 10 years and is a father of 2 children, Ali and Omar...Been involved in many big sport events in Egypt & the Middle East as an event organizer since 2009.

Career Highlights
  • 2019 Egyptian Cup Final Four (Egypt)
  • 2018 Pan American Games Qualifier - 1st (Montreal, Canada)
  • 2014 Pan American Championship, 6th place (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • 2014 Pan American Nor.Ca Qualifier, 3rd place, Top Five Scorers (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • 2013 Egyptian Cup - 3rd (Egypt)
  • 2013 Egyptian League - 1st (Egypt)
  • 2012 Pan American Championship - 7th (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • 2011 Pan American Games - 7th (Guadalajara, Mexico)
  • 2010 Egyptian League - 2nd (Egypt)
  • 2009 Egyptian Cup - 1st (Egypt)
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