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Combined Talent Identification Camp Announced for Indoor And Beach MNT in Early January in Anaheim, California

by USA Team Handball

USA Team Handball has announced a Talent Identification Camp, set to be held in Anaheim, California, for both the Beach and Indoor Men's National Teams. The camp, which will take place from January 5th-7th, 2024, will provide highly motivated athletes the opportunity to be introduced to both Beach and Indoor Team Handball, and for existing National Team pool members to be evaulated by National Team coaches.

In a unique arrangement, both Beach and Indoor National Team coaches will be on-site, providing instruction and assessing talent, in an effort to increase the National Team athlete pool for both discplines of handball.

Interested athletes can register for the camp on Sport80 HERE and although handball experience is not required to attend the camp, all participants must at least have a "Trial" USA Team Handball membership, which can be purchased HERE. Furthermore, all participants must be American citizens or eligible to become a citizen during the calendar year.

The cost of the camp is $50 per athlete and will include a USA Men's Talent Identification jersey, equipment, hydration, and gym fees. All travel arrangements and hotel accomodations must be made by the participant.

As the camp will be hosted in the city of Anaheim, California, the closest international airport will be Los Angeles International (LAX) and lodging accommodations are recommended in the City of Anaheim, or nearby cities.

The camp will consist of several hours of training divided in sessions, both on the court and sand, and matches with local clubs during the weekend.

Julio Sainz, Head Technical Coach for USA Team Handball, sees this camp as a great opportunity to identify talented athletes who are based in the US.

"The main idea of the talent identification camp is to allow our local talent to have an opportunity to develop and compete domestically, as part of our periodization plan," Sainz said.

Beach Men's National Team Coach Michael Hinson reinforced the camp's goal of showcasing the sport to new athletes.

"Team handball is the greatest sport in the world. The camp should serve as a great opportunity to expose new athletes who have never played the sport," Hinson said. "It is unique as we will be able to show them and play both the beach version and the court version on the same weekend. Once people play and experience team handball I know they will fall in love with the game."

For additional information or questions about the camp, please contact USATH Head Technical Coach, Julio Sainz via email at or via phone at +1 (626) 200-9692.

For questions regarding membership, please contact Matt Collins at

"The camp should serve as a great opportunity to expose new athletes who have never played the sport... and play both the beach version and the court version on the same weekend."
Michael Hinson, Beach MNT Head Coach
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