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USA Team Handball Reimagines Membership Benefits, Reduces Membership Fees

by USA Team Handball

(Colorado Springs, November 17, 2023) - USA Team Handball, the national governing body for the sport of team handball in the United States, is excited to announce new membership benefits and the reduction of annual fees for several of our membership types, effective immediately.

The new membership rate for adult athletes, coaches, referees, and college athletes will now be $35 annually. The yearly Youth Athlete membership cost will remain at $30. This represents a 50% decrease in the cost of membership for adult athletes, coaches, and referees and a 30% reduction for college athletes.

This reduction in fees follows valuable insights gathered from recent Community Talks and Town Hall meetings, as well as feedback from members, clubs, and other key stakeholders. USA Team Handball is dedicated to prioritizing the reduction of financial barriers and facilitating increased participation in team handball events such as tournaments, camps, and national team activities across the United States.

The membership structure will focus on delivering the following membership benefits, with further details to be announced in the near future:

  • Participation in official USA Team Handball sanctioned events and national team activities.
  • Access to educational and learning opportunities.
  • Equipment and development grants to support the development of handball across the country.
  • Development opportunities for new and experienced handball players.
  • USATH Hummel Store discount.
  • Participant Accident and General Liability insurance coverage.

This strategic reimagination aligns with USA Team Handball's overarching mission to expand the handball community in the United States and boost participation in sanctioned events, with the 2023-24 indoor team handball season culminating in the 2024 US Open National Championships, to be held in Spokane, Washington from May 3-5, 2024.

Community members who have already purchased their 2023-24 USA Team Handball membership will have the opportunity to choose one of three options, including having the difference refunded, receiving a corresponding value gift card to the USA Team Handball Hummel store, or receiving a one-year extension to their membership. USA Team Handball will communicate directly with these individuals with more details.