14 Athletes Selected for Preliminary Roster for NACHC Women's Beach Handball Championships

by USA Team Handball

14 athletes have been selected for the preliminary roster for the USA Women Beach's Handball National Team that will compete at the upcoming 2022 North American and Caribbean Championships (NACHC) 2022 (date and location still to be confirmed).  

NACHC USA Women's Beach National Team (Preliminary Roster)

(GK = goalkeeper, D = Defense, O = Offense)

First Name Last Name Position Based out of
Ashley Van Ryn D, O GA
Athena Del Rosario GK CA
Cecilia Agraz D, O CA
Cedar Bellows D,O CO
Christine Mansour D, O FL
Courtney Heeley O GA
Emma Johnson GK,D CO
Katiann Scherer GK CA
Kim Popp O CA
Meghan Kaminski D CO
Missy Browne O CA
Rachel Wong Walker O CA
Renee Snyder O CA
Staci Self GK CA

USA Team Handball hosted two open try out weekends this past December in Atlanta, Georgia and Huntington Beach, California. During the tryout athletes were tested for their athletic ability and beach handball skill set as well as their beach handball knowledge. 

Among the 25 athletes that tried out were returning national team pool players as well as youth athletes and newcomers with as little as 2 months prior experience. The 14 selected athletes will participate in a final selection camp on February 19-20 in California to determine the final 10 player roster.

Coach Perspectives:

  • "We are happy with the preliminary roster. Many of the players have been working closely with us over the past two years and we can see that the monthly player calls and activities allowed them to improve their skill set despite losing out on many competition opportunities due to Covid. In addition we are happy to see new talents like Emma Johnson and Meghan Kaminski which proves our program is growing and our onboarding works" - Michelle Mensing, Assistant Coach.
  • "We have an exciting competition year coming up with the NACHC Championships, the World Championships (if we qualify) and the World Games on home soil in Alabama. We have a huge opportunity to showcase beach handball and we want to do that with the most competitive team possible.  We are pleased with the development of the athletes that participated in the tryout and we are looking forward to proving ourselves at the NACHC world championship qualifier." - Lisa Dunn - Head Coach

The next tryout opportunity for athletes will take place in May 2022, where Coach Dunn and Mensing will be looking to select the team traveling to the World Championships in Greece (June 2022) and the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama (July 11-15 2022). 

Athletes interested can reach out to the coaches directly or fill out an Athlete intake form

  • Lisa Dunn (Head Coach, U.S. Women's Beach Team):
  • Michelle Mensing (Assistant Coach, U.S. Women's Beach Team):
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